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The loss of mobile phones has become a common problem these days. But now you can find your android devices easily with the help of Android Device Manager App. Whether you have misplaced your mobile, it is snatched or is lost by negligence; you can get the location of your android device by simple functions. All the devices that work with a particular Google account can be located by logging in to that user account.

Android Device Manager is the official product of Google Inc. that works with android versions 2.3 and up. Its latest version available in the digital market is 1.4.4 that occupies around 1.9 MB space in device memory. You can download it by Google Play Store or by its APK file link from the bottom of page. It is a popular android app for location of mobile phones with total downloads of around 5 million.

Android Device Manager Features

The most important feature of Android Device Manager is that you can find the current location of all the android devices that are connected to your Google account. You need not to worry about the loss or misuse of your personal data as you can erase it as well.

After downloading you can install it according to the below explained method. When you launch the app you will be asked to enter your Google account password. Enter the password for authentication. If you do not want to use your current account you can enter other google account email id and password as guest account as well. After entering the account information, tap sign in button. Now you are eligible for using this app.

You can view the map on top half of the screen. In the map the location of android set appears. You can zoom in for viewing the exact location. Below map the drop down list of all the associated mobile sets can be seen. You can select anyone of the devices to find their current location. You can also ring the bell of your android device for five minutes, so if it is close by, you can find it.

Another option available is called set up & erase. You can lock it or erase the data with this option. Selecting it will prompt you to send a notification in order to use it. After that your data will be safe from unconcerned users. You can reset screen lock code or can erase all the data on your device with the help of this option.

This app is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and can work with the latest android device models. It uses Android Maps for showing the locations.

Download and Install Android Device Manager

Free Download the Device Manager app from links at the bottom of current page. APK file can be downloaded on your PC and then moved to android device or can be downloaded directly on device browser.

After download finish Open the APK File, you will be asked for installing it. Install it and keep your data secured.

Mobile data security is a major problem faced these days. With the help of Android Device Manager, you can keep your data secured and can find the location of your device in case it is misplaced. Solving this major problem has made it popular among users. It functions properly totally for free. You can download this app from the links below.

Android Device Manager APK Download

Android Device Manager APK

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