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The AutoCAD 360 is an amazing app for architects specifically, but if you want to design anything this app is useful. The app user interface is smooth and easy; you can draw and save your work as a draft. The AutoCAD 360 allows user to open 2D and 3D drawings and let them, upload in free AutoCAD 360 online account. You can work offline and edit your work when you come back online.


If you want to open or upload files from an email on your Android device, the app allows you to perform this action easily. In the app you can see all the parts of your DWG file, e.g. layers, external preferences and image underlays. In case you draw image is large, you can easily navigate and use multi touch zoom. You can orient yourself in a drawing by using your device GPS.

When it comes to editing work the app has many useful and complete features. You can edit and draw any kind of shapes by using Snap. If you want to move, rotate, select and scale objects the app allows you do it smoothly. You can edit and add text note easily on your drawing with the use of paper mock-ups. While you are on-site you can validate the distance measurements in the drawing.

How To Download

The process of downloading and installing AutoCAD 360 app in your android device is very Simple. If you don,t know how to download and install this application on your Android device, then follow these steps. First you need to download the APK file of AutoCAD 360 below are the download link, after download finish open the APK file and install it. If you are using computer to download the APK file then you need to transfer on your device.

AutoCAD 360 APK Free Download

AutoCAD 360

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