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Bike Racing 2014 is a racing game available on Android and developed by Timuz. The current updated version of the game is v2.1. The size of the game is average and the game is compatible with Android v2.3 and up. The game is fun to play and to know about the features and game play of Bike Racing , you can read below.

Bike Racing Features

The game is fun to play. If you love to play racing games and specifically you like a sports bike, then this is the game for you to play. The game has good quality graphics with 3D environment which gives a game good feel.The game starts with by selecting the map and afterwards you will have to select a Superbike and then press start race.

The game has an option on the screen to record the capture the image of the game play. The nitrous booster for Superbike and money flashers is available to track which you can use them by crossing through them.The progress bar displays on the screen which shows your race progress and your distance with your opponents. You can challenge your friends through leader boards.

The game has integration of Google Plays service to show the leader boards and achievements. You need to win in order to get achievements and to unlock the maps in the game or to buy and upgrade your Superbike. The control of the game depends on your comfort ability; either you can select tilt or move steering. This game can be fun for any kind of age children or adult.

These are the features of Bike Racong 2014. Now Its time to Download the game on your android tablet or phone. Below are the download links. You can either download the game file directly from here or you can download from Google Play Store.

Bike Racing APK Free Download

Bike Racing 2014 APK

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