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Clash of Clans is freemium game which is free to install and play. The game is undoubtedly one of the best in strategy category. The game play of Clash of Clans is addicted. To know about the features of this amazing game, please read below.

Clash Of Clans Features

The game starts with the introduction of the village where you build everything and the duty is to save the village from enemies. Afterwards, you have to set a canon for the safety of the village. The Goblin Horde is the enemy who has a desire to attack on your village and steal the resources.

After completing all the necessary buildings which include a town hall from where you do the leadership, gold mines to dig gold (which is very important in the game), building an army camp where you train your troops, building gold storage and an Elixir collector (use in building almost everything in the game). You can set an attack on Goblins first army base which is a very easy battle and you will get the victory quite easily.

During the game play you also need Elixir storage and should upgrade the Elixir collector and storage levels because you need it pretty fast if you have to build your forces or infrastructure in the game. The main objective in the game is to save your village from Goblins initially and whenever you are prepared to attack, you should attack and get the victory.

To train troops you need 25 elixirs for one clan and you can train up to 20 clans in starting levels. When you are building anything in the game, you will have an option (Finish Now) which can be used to finish the building process on the spot but it will cost you gems.

The user interface of the game is easy to use. You can zoom in and zoom out and on the left you can open the global chat in which you can see the profiles of Clash of Clans players. In game shop you will have categories such as treasures, resources, shield, defenses, army and decorations. You can select anything from the shop and build it.

The most importantly graphics of the game are really amazing and it provides a great gaming experience. You can play this game multiplayer in which you will be able to play against other online players and when you will attack them your village will not be saved and for that you have to activate the shield. The game is real fun and you should download this game from the below given link.

These are the features of Clash of Clans for Android mobile phones and tablets. if you want to join thousand of players across the world in this epic strategy game, then you must download and install Clash of Clans to your Android device. You can download Full APK file of Clash of Clans latest version here, below are the download links or you can be installation with Google Play Store.

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Clash of Clans APK

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