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Dropbox is a file hosting service that enables its users to share their documents anywhere. These documents may include images, videos or documents. It is a very helpful mobile application that has a minimum requirement of android version 4.0.3 and above.

Sharing through dropbox could be done in 2 ways. For simple sending and sharing of files, link of file could be shared, in which case the receiver has the option of receiving and downloading the file, but not of editing the original one. The link could be valid as long as the sender does not change or remove the file link option.

Dropbox Features

The other sharing is done for the purpose of collaboration. The file or folder is shared with one or multiple people. The receiving person has the option of editing the original file as well. This usually works when a group project is to be completed with people using separate devices for working. The sharing could be made only by the originator of the file. At any time, sharing could be cancelled for any particular device. At that time, originator has the option of leaving a copy of the work in the dropbox of the person with whom file was shared previously.

Dropbox also gives the option of retrieving previous versions of the same file. When a file is normally created, the editing is normally made on the same file which is saved in turn. If some unwanted changes are made, and the previous version of file is required, on selecting the desired file, dropbox shows the option of showing previous versions of the selected file. The user has the option to restore any or all of them as per their requirement.

If any file is uploaded on dropbox through android device, it is saved on all devices on which the user has installed his own dropbox with the same id. It is also available on his online account of dropbox. This decreases the chance of loss of data and gives easy access to required data from any device with the installed dropbox, or through dropbox online account with just internet and no installed dropbox.

This is an application that i have to use frequently. It is used frequently by people who are doing jobs at offices so they can easily share their documents with their colleagues. In this way everyone gets access to the same files and everyone does not have to store it separately on his system.

It works like a server. I have to use it in my University. Now i can share projects or assignments with my classmates, and we can easily discuss presentation or project details after viewing the contents of file. Appropriate changes can also be made.

I would recommend to all of our readers. It is a very helpful app that can help you share documents with your colleagues. You can easily use it on your android device anywhere. you can download APK file here, below are the download links and it is the best application for files sharing.

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