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The main problem faced by android users is the lack of memory space and the junk files occupying cache memory. Now DU Speed Booster enables you to avoid these problems. This app is an optimizer and cleaning master with a built-in antivirus feature.  This version has more updated features than the previous ones. DU Speed Booster is developed by DU Apps and is compatible with a wide range of android device.

DU Speed Booster Features

DU Speed Booster has various amazing features. The most important thing that attracts users towards this app is its user friendly interface. If an app has lots of functionalities but lacks in the area of GUI, there are less chances for the app to be popular among the users. Its themes and animations make it prominent in the list of other speed boosting apps. Other features are that it analyzes and kills the running apps and cleans trash to increase the storage capacity of SD card and device memory.

When you run the DU Speed Booster app , there are various options visible on the home screen. When you select Accelerator option it increases the memory space of RAM by clearing junk from cache. In this way apps can run at a faster speed than before. Speed of games is also increased to help users play games efficiently and with easiness. You can also run antivirus to protect your device and memory card from being infected and losing useful data.

Clicking on the Trash cleaner will show extra memory files, cache, residual files, system trash and useless APKs. You can clear this trash by selecting clean option. Speed test lets you check the speed of your device and also stores your older record in history. Privacy advisor lets you control your apps’ access to personal information.

At the top of the screen in DU Speed Booster, a menu icon is available. Selecting it shows a drop down list of other options. You can customize its settings in many ways. You can create shortcuts, add quick switches, float window and enable or disable and choose the style of notification toolbar. From the list of 17 languages, you can use anyone such as English, Arabic, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese or others. You can enable or disable scheduled cleaning as well with customized settings.

Other tasks that can be performed through the settings icon are updating the app, providing feedback, checking phone info and view app details and its contributors. By selecting the game booster you can increase speed of current games for better performance and can download new games and apps from the store. Through the float window, you can boost device speed anytime without the need of running the app.

I like DU Speed Booster because of the various features this app has offered. I can increase my device speed and can keep it protected from any of the viruses. Junk files are automatically created and my time is saved. Due to all these facilities it has been installed by more than 6 million android users worldwide. The links of its APK file are given below. You can easily download and use this app.

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DU Speed Booster APK

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