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Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook that occupies lesser space as compared to the original version. It occupies only around 1 MB of mobile memory and can be installed at a very fast speed. It requires minimum of android operating system with version 2.2 and above. Its current version is It is available for 2G networks and can work easily in the areas having limited network connectivity.

Facebook Lite Features

Facebook Lite is free to download and install. It can be loaded quickly into cache memory and is efficient with data and graphics. You can now easily update your status, add or suggest friends, send private messages, update your current location using Google Maps and can share your recent activities with your friends without having to burden your mobile memory with access data.

When Facebook Lite opens, you can sign up to create your new profile, or if you are already a member of the social networking site i.e. Facebook then you can simply login to your account. After logging in you can view the posts of your friends or the pages that you have liked on your Home page. If you dislike any post you can simply hide it from options or can even report it with an appropriate reason. You can also set the view to Most Recent or to Top Stories as per your wish.

With Facebook Lite you can add people in your friend list. And if you want to remove any of your friends, there is also an option available for this purpose. If someone is bugging you, you can block them. There is also an option available to unfollow any of your friends, so you do not have to view their activities despite having them added in your friend list. You can edit your friend request status if you do not want to receive friend requests from unknown people.

With the help of Facebook Lite, now you can view your friends’ activities easily and may add them to your close friends’ list to receive notifications whenever they perform any activity. You can join pages and groups, and like or share posts, and can comment on them. You can also leave any group or can turn off notifications simply. You can also send personal message to anyone even if they are not added in your friends list.

With the help of Facebook Lite you can view your friends’ recent game activities as well. You can view current events and can send wishes to your friends without forgetting. You can manage your Facebook account and can review the posts present on your timeline. You can remove or edit any of your posts and may change their privacy status. You can enter your personal information and can make it visible to only your friends or no one as well.

New addition of Facebook Lite was useful for those people who have less memory on their Android device. You should also give it a try and have a look at its features. This is one of the best versions of Facebook that every android user should have in their handsets.  It is recommended to download and install.

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Facebook Lite APK

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