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Are you tired of playing endless games without getting ultimate fun that you yearn for while playing any game? Thank heavens because you have found the right game to play. Let yourself be mesmerized by this heart lending game. Flappy Bird Developed back in 2013, the game will give you experience which out of this world. It will give you sleepless nights as you play from one level to another.

Flappy Bird Features

This game is very easy for anyone to play given that you will only move the bird to one direction. It is a mobile which you only use the side controls. Flappy Bird game objective is to move a certain flying bird which goes by the name “Fabby” and moves forward to the right direction. The amazing bird moves between sets of pipe which acts as pillars. The goal of the player is to lead the bird in between the pipes without hitting them. If your bird hits the pipes, your game will come to a dead end.

You control the bird by tapping the screen of your android phone and this will make the bird flap its wings as it moves forward through the pipes. Every time you tap the screen the bird flaps its wings and moves upwards. If you do not tap the screen the bird will not flap its wing and this will result to it falling down due to the effect of gravity.

It is very easy for one to score; this is because every time you successfully pass between the pipes, you will score a number of points. This also comes with a number of medals awarded at the end of the game. You can access the leader boards from all over the word to compare your score to the ones scored by others. Flappy Bird game design is outstanding and the set up is constant is constant all through the game. Also the running track is fantastic as you can keep playing without coming to a dead end. This makes the game extremely addictive to any one playing it.

  • Flappy Bird is easy to learn but very hard for you to master the moves. It can prove to be a task controlling Fabby if it is your first time to play but in the due cause you will be able to control the bird expertly. It would prove even more difficult if you are playing the game in other devices apart from android smartphones. If you are a score obsessed players then you can attest to it that this game can give you amazing scores.

Not forgetting the amazing 2D features the game boasts of. Flappy Bird game has awesome graphics that will keep you glued to the screen of your android phone. Flappy Bird game has registered many downloads allover the world and it is evident that many people are enjoying it. I gave it a five star ranking and am sure if you download it you will second my opinion.

How To Download Flappy Bird

If you are ready to download and play this popular game Flappy Bird on your Android device, then fellow this guide. The process of downloading and installing Flappy Bird is very easy, first of all download the APK file below are the download links (We brought two APK file for you) Latest is Flappy Bird 1.3.

After download finish, Transfer the APK file to your phone if you download the file using your PC. Now open the APK file and install the file with your device installer. These are the instructions to help you in downloading and installing Flappy Bird on your Android device. Below, you will find the download links which will give you two APK file for free. Enjoy

Flappy Bird APK Free Download

Flappy Bird

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