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Fruit Ninja is a new addition in the list of games developed by Halfbrick Studios. This game can run on all devices having android operating system of version 2.3.3 and up. The graphics are of great quality and it occupies around 8MB of memory.

Fruit Ninja Features

The Fruit Ninja contains all the features of older versions of the game along with some latest and interesting features. Some new and interesting characters of Mari and Katsuro are introduced. The blades and Dojos have unique effects to increase the joy of players. You can also Sign in to your Facebook or google+ account to save your own records and view your friends’ high scores as well.

To start the new game you have to slice the watermelon in two pieces. While playing game you have to slice as much fruits as you can for scoring. But you have to stay away from slicing the bomb as it will cause the game to be over. You get bonuses as well if you slice multiple fruits within a short span of time. Sometimes you also get a bonus star fruit. If you are able to slice it in half you will get 275 points.

On levelling up you get rewards which include star fruits and new items are unlocked as well. The higher the level is the greater will be the rewards. There are different ranks which you earn as your levels are increased. After a selected number of levels your rank changes. As your level increases it will take a bit longer than the previous level to upgrade the level. Because you will have to score higher points to earn higher levels and ranks.

There are three modes available in Fruit Ninja from which you can select anyone. To select any mode you have to slice the appropriate watermelon in half. In Classic mode you simply have to slice maximum number of watermelons. In Arcade mode, there is a time limit of 60 seconds. You have to slice maximum number of fruits in 60 seconds. Zen mode is very much like Arcade mode except that there is 1 min and 30 seconds available and no bombs are there to disturb your fruit slicing.

Another feature of this Fruit Ninja game is that there are missions available. You can complete these missions to earn star fruits. You can buy power ups from these star fruits to slice more fruits in an improved way and make higher scores. You can also earn trophies by completing the missions assigned. There are some fruit facts available as well that can improve your knowledge and let you know certain facts about fruits that you might not know.

i just love this amazing game and cannot stop myself from playing it multiple times a day. It is an addictive game and if you start playing it once it would not be easy to play it again and again. I suggest you to download and try it. You will also like it.

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