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Google Calendar is an android app that helps you maintain your calendars, daily routine, schedule and events at a single place. It is the official app developed by Google Inc. This app can run on your android device after verifying whether it is compatible with your android set. It is light weight app and occupies few memory of your cell. It comprises of various features. Some of those features are explained below.

Google Calendar Features

Google Calendar lets you connect to your Google+ account so all your calendars can be accessed easily. All the events from your account are added automatically to your calendar. It also lets you select the view of your calendar as per your taste. The view can be selected from amongst agenda, day, week and month views. However an important point to be remembered is that its focus is not on the calendar but basically it is an app that helps you manage your daily chores in a well-balanced way.

In Google Calendar when you go to the menu, there are many options available for you. You can create new event for a particular day or time. You may enter event name, location, duration and guests. You can also set the zone time of any country that you want. Reminders can be generated and the privacy can be selected from default, private and public options. It also lets you repeat the event for multiple days or forever as well. After that you can save it or may cancel the event.

You can manage the settings of Google Calendar as per your convenience. You can synchronize it with your Google, Facebook and Microsoft exchange accounts or with the server. You can hide declined events, show week number, change home time zone, clear search history, change notification settings, set default reminder time and can edit quick responses. The details of calendar can be accessed to view its privacy policy or to report any problem to its manufacturers.

In Google Calendar if you have created multiple events and want to search for a particular one, you can select the search option. It lets you write the name of the event and then shows the appropriate search results. It also facilitates you with a voice search option. You can select which of the available calendars should be synchronized. You can send feedback and can ask for help from its manufacturers in case of facing any problem.

I recommend Google Calendar due to all the facilities it offers. You can maintain your daily schedule and will be reminded about the pending works for the day. You can enter your friends’ birthdays and can wish them without forgetting. Therefore I suggest you to download this amazing app. Its APK file is available here or it can be installed via Google Play Store. Both the links are given below. You can download Google Calendar from any one of these links.

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Google Calendar APK

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