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Google Maps is an android app that lets you navigate world easily at a fast speed. If you want to visit any place, you can simply search for all the routes through the app to avoid getting lost. It is owned by Google Inc. Its current version available for android devices is 9.9.0  The app is not too heavy and occupies around 32 MB of mobile memory.

Google Maps Features

Google Maps can be used only if you have internet facility available on your device as it automatically locates the current location and displays latest maps. There are various features possessed by the app. You can search through new places, and can check in to the places you have visited or where you are currently at. At the bottom of screen there is an option available from where you can change your network settings.

There is also a menu option available at the bottom of the app screen from where you can customize settings, view your saved places, send feedback and can view tutorials on how to use the app. Through the settings option of Google maps, you can switch your Gmail account, change distance units and can change your home or office location as well. You can also read its terms and privacy policy and can have a look at the version and details of the app.

There are different methods for searching a place. You can touch and drag the map to view the complete route or can simply write the name of the location. Google maps app also facilitates its users to call out the name of the location. The app then detects the said words, recognizes them and then it searches for the said location or shows error if no such place is listed. You can later view your visited places through the history option.

You can also set the view of the Google Maps App as per your taste. There are different views available such as traffic, public transport, cycling, satellite and terrain. You can also see the road view of many places. Even the indoor view of many restaurants and museums is available. It provides live weather reports and incident reports from many cities.

It is a great app that works with a wide range of android devices and provides efficient maps of more than 220 countries in the world. I like this app and recommend you to use it as well. It is a good app that provides accurate maps of the locations. You can view the map of any place you want to visit and it will guide you to your destination through multiple routes. You can have multiple views of any place and can save your home and office locations as well.

I recommend you to download this app and use it on your android device. The links from where you can download the app are given below.

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Google Maps APK

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