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Google Now Launcher is a launcher developed by Google Inc. It enables you to access google search engine by a single swipe. It also allows easy access to other google products and services as well. It can run on all those android sets which are having operating system of version 4.1 (Jellybean) and up.

After you have downloaded Google Now Launcher, you also have to download the app named Google from Google Play Store to use it. After that, select Google Now Launcher as your default launcher. You can save shortcut icons of your favorite apps at your Home Page to access them easily. Other apps can be accessed through Menu.

Google Now Launcher Features

With the help of Google Now Launcher, Google can now be accessed with a single touch. Just select the icon with the name google and you can search the required terms. If you do not want to type in, you can also give the input through your voice. Google will recognize what you have said and will display the results according to the keywords. The previous searched keywords are also displayed and you can simply select them if you want to search those again.

Through Google Now Launcher, you can manage Google Now cards on your android wear as well. Various cards are available that can work with android wear. Some of these are stocks, weather, reminders, sports, traffic, flights, boarding pass, shipping confirmation, public alerts, and hotel and restaurant reservations.

In Google Now Launcher, there are various icons available in your menu grid. With File Manager you can manage all your applications on your SD card. Browser lets you search internet. You can open links in multiple tabs. Moreover, your favorite pages can be bookmarked as well. New windows can be opened in incognito mode as well. You can select camera icon from menu grid and then view the saved images from the image gallery.

In Google Now Launcher one of the main differences from other launchers is its user interface and the appearance of icons. This launcher lets you use your android device with a fast speed. Now there is no need to wait for any application to run because this launcher runs the apps quickly. Another advantage is that it does not occupy a large amount of mobile memory and lets you store other apps as well in your low memory android device.

An important feature of Google Now Launcher is that the users can view the weather report of any city on their home page. You just have to change your mobile settings from menu and then you can view the temperature of your city or any other place easily at your home page.

Google Now Launcher is a must for all those android users who want to have a fast, small and perfect launcher. I recommend it to all of android users. Try it at least once and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. The download link for apk file is below.

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Google Now Launcher APK

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