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Google Play Store is a digital market for android devices developed by Google Inc. It was released in 2008 and since then it has been very much used by the android users. It is a popular platform that contains a variety of mobile apps, both for free and with charges. Along with android apps you can also download mobile games, books, gta 5 cheats, widgets, weather or sports related apps, music, audio, wallpapers and much more.

Google Play Store App Features

On the home page of Google Play Store, you can view themes, wallpapers and new and updated, suggested, social, lifestyle, photography and most popular apps available for quick access. To download any of the apps from the Google Play Store gta 5 cheats ps3, you have to first login to your Gmail account.

Another feature of Google Play Store is that you can download apps for your android wear as well. These apps are divided into sub categories of tools, health and fitness, entertainment, travel and featured, social, productivity and communication apps. There are GPS maps available as well and you can easily track the location of your android wear or android devices by downloading these apps, so you can find them easily even if they are misplaced.

There are separate apps available for android tablets which make the most of tablets’ size and power. These apps are optimized for larger screens and can run efficiently on the gta 5 cheats ps3 tabs. There are featured games, widgets and social apps available for your tablets. These apps make your tablet more fun and interesting to use. You can also view the activity of people you follow on google+.

Google Play Store Alternative : Amazon App Store

There are various kinds of apps available on Google Play Store. These are categorized in a proper manner so you can easily search for your desired app. There are sub categories of top paid, top free, top grossing, top new paid, top new free and trending apps. The payment methods for paid apps are PayPal, Credit cards and Google checkout. Moreover, you can search for any app by simply writing its name on the top of app screen in the search bar.

Through the menu bar you can change the settings of Google Play Store. You can turn on or of the notifications as per your choice, set user controls and can view the details of Google Play Store. You can also view all your current apps or the apps which were downloaded in the past. The installed apps can be updated as well for latest features. You may also add any of the apps to your wishlist for downloading it later.

You can redeem your gift cards to buy paid apps and submit your feedback to help improving the service. You can view your account and add payment methods as per your convenience. If you want to login from any other of your account, you can do it through menu bar. Same Gmail account can be used to download apps on multiple android devices.

I recommend you to install latest updates of Google Pay Store APK and use it because it has a large variety of apps. You can easily access any app and download it at a fast speed. It does not occupy a large space and can work efficiently. That is why it is very common among the android users.

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