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Hay Day is a farm game that lets you buy, organize and manage your own farm in any way that you like. It is one of the most popular farm games available internationally and is available in almost 122 countries worldwide. It is free to download and install. You can download it on all devices having android operating system of version 4.0.3 and up. Its current version available on Google Play Store is 1.24.92.

Hay Day Features

The graphics quality of Hay Day is great and it runs smoothly on the android handset. The app needs RAM work in a better way. Another thing is that you have to stay connected to the internet to play Hay Day. You can perform different tasks to increase your Level. On levelling up you get rewards and new items are unlocked as well. The higher the level is the greater will be the rewards.

In Hay Day, You can harvest crops, produce goods, store them and sell them. There are different types of crops available with varying harvest time. To plant the seeds you have to select the plot and then drop the seeds to be planted at the desired plots. After seeding you have to wait for the crops to grow. After the plant will grow you can harvest the crops. For harvesting you just have to select the plot and then harvest it with a sickle. The harvested crops are stored in the Silo storage.

While you are waiting for the crops to grow, you can do other work in the farm. You can paint buildings or set your own animal farm. In animal farm you can place multiple animals. Chickens give you eggs after every 20 minutes. You have to feed them and wait for collecting eggs. For every animal the amount of waiting time changes. You can speed up the process by using diamonds which you can only get after much hard work.

After Level 4 Order board becomes available. You will get different orders and have to fulfill those orders to earn more coins. You can spend these coins to buy new items from the shop. You can buy new buildings such as bakery, feed mill, dairy and sugar mill to produce various items.

You can also connect your Hay Day farm to your Facebook or google+ account to save your own records and view your friends’ farms as well. In this way even if Hay Day is deleted from your android device, you will not have to restart the game from the beginning and can later retrieve your progress.

I love Hay Day due to the various features it contains and the simplicity with which I can use it. User Interface counts a lot when talking about any app. This game enables its users to maintain their farm on their android devices without occupying too much of memory and gives us a great experience. You will also love it. Simply download the APK file and start playing Hay Day. I assure you that you will not regret downloading it.

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