How to Install Apps or Games (APK File) on Your Android

How to Install APK

APK file formats are used on Android smart phones sets to install apps. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well, but there are certain apps that are not available in the digital app market. So in order to use them you have to install their APK files. These files are released before the official release of apps, so you can get to use them earlier. The extension of these files is .apk and can be installed by the given methods.

When android apps are downloaded through Google Play Store there is no need to worry about what is the extension of file, where to save the file, how to open it and what is the procedure to install it. All these functions are automated. But when the user has to install APK file of app due to any reason, he has to follow appropriate instructions. The complete installation method of APK files is explained in this article.

STEP 1 : Enable App or Games Installation from Unknown Sources

First of all you have to go to settings option through menu bar.

  • After that go to Settings > Security and check “Unknown Sources”, if you are using Android operating system version 4.x or above.

Unknown Sources Android 4.x

But for Android version below 2.x the option is available in

  • Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources. On checking it a message will be shown (that your phone and personal data are more vulnerable). Simply press ok, it will allow your phone to install apps from other sources other than the Google Play Store.

There are two methods of installing APK files on your android device. Either you can install directly on your device or can download it first on your PC and then transfer it. You can follow whichever method is suitable for you.

How to install APK File from PC to Android

First of all download the APK file on your computer with extension .apk. Then connect your android device to your PC via data cable. There will be a prompt to ask you if you want to charge your set or want it as a media device. Connect it as Media Device.

Now open the device folder on your PC. (it will be in Start > Computer) if you are using Window system. Since I am using Samsung, I get the folder with same name in My Computer after connecting my mobile with PC as media device. Now you can transfer the apk file from your PC to the android set. Transfer them to your mobile memory or SD card at any particular location for installation process.

Now open the file folder in your android set where you send the APK file. Use file manager such as ES File Explorer OI File Manager or Total Commander so you can easily find APK files or folder on your Android device. Once you find it Tap it on APK file and now you will be asked Do you want to install the application? if you want to install the application. Select install. In this way you can install APK files on your android set through your PC.

Another method is that you can copy APK files to your SD card without the need of mounting it on android set. Instead mount it on a USB card reader and connect with PC. Access the SD card folder on your PC “My Computer” in case you are using Window. Copy the file in any folder of memory card. Eject the card from PC and mount it on android set.

Now open the file folder in your android set where you have stored the file. After finding the file, tap it and select Package Installer to open it. Now you will be asked if you want to install the app. Select install. In this way you can install APK files on your android set through your PC.

How to install APK File from Android Browser

The second method for installing APK files on your android device is by the mobile browser such as UC Browser. You have to open the web page where link of APK file is given. Now download the app by tapping the download button. Downloading will start and its current state will be visible at the top of screen or on the screen.

After downloading completes, it automatically opens on screen. For default android browser, it is visible in the notification bar. On swiping the top notification bar, the APK file appears. You have to click it for installation. When you click open the APK file it prompts you to install the app. By selecting install option, the installation starts. This way you can install the APK file of any app on your android device directly by browser.

Although the process of downloading any app through its APK file is a bit more complex than the one through Google Play Store. But it gives you much more access to customize your smartphone. Leaked files can be downloaded even before they are released officially by the developers. So you do not have to wait for a long time to receive latest updates. Non market apps are also accessible. By following the above steps, you can install APK file of any app on your android device.

So these are the steps for the installation process of APK files of android apps. If you are facing any problem in understanding you can ask your queries in the comments section below. If you have found this article helpful, share it with your friends as well. We would appreciate your review about this article.