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Immortal Dusk is a sensational arcade game; the game is real fun to play. If you love action fantasy games, then Immortal Dusk is must. It will give you a great pleasure and enjoyment while you play it on your Android phone or tablet. The Immortal Dusk is developed by GAMEVIL USA Inc.

The current available version of this game is v1.0.2 and the game is not available on Google Play Store for direct download. So, you can download the Full offline APK file of Immortal Dusk v1.0.2 from the below provided link. You should read the main features of the game below before you directly begin to download.

Immortal Dusk Features

The Immortal Dusk will provide you a unique adventure and brilliant entertainment. The game play of Immortal Dusk is real fun. The game has cool graphics to enhance the user gaming experience. In the game you will be born with the fortune to save the fantasy world from total ultimate destruction.

Initially, you will go to Knighthood where you will get the training to fight against monsters, afterwards you can start the real battle which will decide the destiny of fantasy world in the game. The practice is necessary if you want to get success in the game.

The action in the game is unlimited and you will face many challenges. The game play of Immortal Dusk is really addictive. The feel of the game is really amazing and you will be on the edge of your seat while playing this game.

The real fun of the game is on “99 Level”. The level contains unlimited challenges, unlimited level ups, customization options for weapons. The 99 level of Immortal Dusk will make you engage for several hours because the 99 level is not a piece of cake. The level has many difficulties and extreme challenges which you need to solve, but at the same time you will have real fun.


The procedure of downloading and installing the Immortal Dusk on your Android smart phone or tablet is very easy. Begin by downloading the offline APK file from the provided link below and install the game on your device by default package installer.

In case you download the APK file from your PC, then you need to transfer the file into your device. After transferring the file into a device, install the game onto your Android smart phone or tablet with the help of file manager. The offline APK package is Free to download and install.

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Immortal Dusk APK

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