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KingRoot app is launched to make the process of rooting your Android device easier. Originally this app was developed in the Chinese language but now its English version is released to enable Android users from all around the world to use this app. This is one of the most popular Android rooting apps. Its current version available is 4.5.0 and the size of this app is 6-7 MB only. It is not available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded via its APK file link.

What is Rooting ?

Rooting is the term used for Android operating system. It is the process of allowing the users to gain control of the subsystems of their devices. Users can get access to change the system files and applications of their mobile phones that are not accessible otherwise. In this way those limitations can be overcome as well that were applied by the manufacturers. It can obviously be a risk to gain such accesses, but if users are careful they get more benefits from their device after rooting it.

How To Download and Use Kingroot

Kingroot is a rooting app that can be used by everyone. Its single click rooting option makes it easy and useful. You can download it from the below given link and install on your android device. After that when you will launch it you will see the screens on which a little information about the app is present. When you will slide these two screens you will see the page with the text “Let’s make it better together”. Below it is the button named Try it. You need to tap this button. When you will tap the button the process of verification of device root status will start.

Kingroot verify root status

After that, if your device is not rooted, you can root it by clicking a single button named “Start Root”. Your device will start rooting and the rooting will be completed within few seconds. After that you can enjoy with your rooted device and alter the internal settings and system files to customize it.

Kingroot App

If you are not satisfied with the results of rooting your device, you can easily unroot it anytime by only a single click. After rooting you can see three options on your app screen. These are: Root Authorization, Uninstall Tool, Auto Start.

Root Authorization :
This option is for managing the authorization of different apps that are installed on your device. You can choose allow, deny or prompt option that will decide if the app has authorization or not.

Uninstall Tool :
You can easily uninstall any of the apps from your device with this option. Not only apps but you can also remove system files through it.

Auto Start :
With this option you can allow or prohibit the apps to run in background or on startup.

If Kingroot is not working then you can try Root Master.

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