OI File Manager APK Latest Version Download For Android

OI File Manager is an android app that lets you manage your files and data by arranging them in a well-organized order. This app can run on android operating system with version 1.6 and above and it is developed by OpenIntents. Its latest version available in the digital market is 2.0.5. It is a light weight app and is originally of only 973 KB. Most promising characteristic of this app is that it is totally free and is free from any ads.

To install OI File Manager you either have to download its APK file or download it from Google Play Store. When you launch the app, it is necessary for the user to agree to its terms and conditions for using it. Then it lets you know of the recent changes and related information. After the given steps you will be directed to the app screen. Now you are able to use the app for managing mobile data.

OI File Manager Features

Different versions of OI File Manager are available with a number of globally used languages which is a plus point. You can view the saved files with images set as their thumbnails. You can move any file from its current location and can delete or rename it. These files can also be sent via email through your android device. You can also save the files in directories or folders so that you do not need to go through the whole list of files and can access it easily.

The attracting feature of OI File Manage for the android app developers is that it is an open source app whose source code can be accessed as well. When you run the app a number of folders and files appear. You can access files saved on your SD card or your android set. It even shows the list of system files. However they cannot be opened due to security issues, because if some addition is done or anything is removed your device may get corrupted.

Another feature of OI File Manager that makes it popular among android users is that you can bookmark any of your important files. You can access them by selecting Bookmarks option which is available at the top of the app screen. Search tool is also available that helps you search for any particular file or folder by simply typing its name or using your voice to enter your search. If you have entered into a folder you can simply select Home option to go back to the home page instead of pressing back button multiple times.

How to Download and Install : Due to all the above features I recommend you to give OI File Manager a try. It saves your time and mobile memory by well managed categories of file folders. It has a user friendly interface and helps you move the saved files if memory is filled up.

It does not occupy large memory space and helps you remove unnecessary files. It can be downloaded via Google Play Store or by its APK file. Both the links are given below. You can download through any method and can use it for your own convenience.

OI File Manager APK Free Download

OI File Manager APK

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