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Root Master is a well-known android app that is used for rooting Android devices. It was originally released in Chinese language and its older version was translated into English as well by a random person. But now the developer has released its English version himself, so the non-Chinese speakers can use this app as well. You can also check out the previous version of this app that was known as iRoot or vRoot.

What is Rooting?

Rooting means giving user the access to alter or uninstall the sub system files and to completely change the operating system of the device. It is a risky process but if it is done in the right way, the android devices can provide more functionality in a better way. Root Master comes with a simple interface to let users easily root their android devices without going through multiple screens or selecting various options.

Root Master can be installed on your android device after downloading its APK file from the given links as it is not made available on Google Play Store. The current version of this app available for android OS is 2.0.8 and it occupies around 6-7 MB of mobile memory. Due to smaller size and less graphical screens, it does not occupy large memory space and does not decrease the device speed.

This was the brief description of Root Master App. Now let us have a look at the features of Root Master App and how it can be used on Android device.

How To Use Root Master

Root Master APK is yet not available on Google Play Store. Therefore you will have to install it through its APK file. To download its APK file, first of all you have to click on the link given at the bottom of this webpage. if you use PC to download then transfer it to your SD card.

Root Master App is an ad free android app. Usually the apps that do not contain pop up ads are liked more by the users as they can use such apps without any unnecessary disturbance. Therefore this app has a good number of downloads from internet. This app enables users to optimize device memory to improve performance and speed. This application is compatible with a long range of devices and can run on latest Android OS as well.

With this app you can uninstall those apps also that are pre-installed on the device (bloatware apps). In this way you can free device memory from the apps that are not required. You can maintain backup of your data and apps to recover it later in case of data loss. Those apps which can only be installed on rooted device can be used now on your device. Moreover you can install custom ROM to improve performance.

Note: This app was tested by us on Samsung Android set with Ice Cream Sandwich Android version and it worked perfectly fine.

After installation you can run the app. On running the app you will see the screen with only a picture of lock. It refers to the term rooting with which you can unlock your devices from many limitations that were applied by the manufacturers.

After a few seconds the screen will appear on your device that will show the model number and operating system of your device. A start button will be at the top. On tapping it the rooting process will start on your android device.

Root Master Rooting

After the rooting process is completed and your device is rooted, another screen will appear that will show that rooting is done successfully. You must also have SuperSU installed on your device so that you can manage which apps have authorizations. If you are facing some problems and are not satisfied with the results, you can unroot your device anytime.

If Root Master is not working then you can try Kingroot.

Root Master APK Free Download

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