ROOT ZenFone APK Latest Version Download For Asus Zenfone

Root ZenFone is an android app that is used for the rooting of your Asus Zenfone handset. Many people are excited to root their android handsets, but others get confused if they should root their device or not as the warranty will be of no use later on. Yes it might cause certain disadvantages but overall Root ZenFone is a very useful app. It opens a wide range of possibilities for its users. By rooting the Zenfone, you can come to know the maximum potentials your handset possesses.

The current version of Root ZenFone available for downloading is 1.4.6 and it occupies around 2.9 MB of ZenFone memory. You can now access the sub system of your Zenfone android handset, as well as customize your device as per your choices. It is capable of accessing the whole android operating system and can make any changes that you want. It is an efficient app for rooting of android device.

How To Download And Use ROOT ZenFone

Before Rooting the ZenFone, turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data. Now download the app by clicking on the link given below, install it on your device. After the app is installed, launch it and check the option “Don,t ask again”and click ok. now choose SuperSU or Superuser and after that select OK I Know, please root !. Your device will start rooting. The link of SuperSU apk file is here.

ROOT ZenFone SuperSU

Wait a white until the process is finished, After a few minutes, you should see a this  message. “You have activated this demo device OFFLINE successfullydo not click OK just close the application and Reboot your device.

ZenFone Rooted

When your device is ON again , run the Root Zenfone again. If you device successfully Rooted, then “Superuser request access to the application.” That mean your Zenfone is rooted now.

Successfully Rooted

Note : After root If your device make any problem then you can unroot your device anytime, To do this just open Root ZenFone again and click on the Unroot.

Root ZenFone comes with various benefits. It is a user friendly app since it is not difficult to use. The availability of minimum options makes it easier to use by every user even if they are not much hands on with mobile phones. It is applicable on all of the ZenFone android devices. It is not a heavy application and can be downloaded easily on even those ZenFone devices as well which have low memory capacity or in which other data has filled the memory space.

If you are a ZenFone android user and you want to root your device, Then I recommend you to give this ROOT ZenFone app a try. It is very efficient with the rooting process and can work well with the android devices. It is a light weight app and does not cause load on mobile memory. Due to all these features, it is an app worth giving a chance.

If you are afraid that it might cause damage to your handsets then do not worry. The careful useful of rooting will make your device more usable than it was in the past. The link of apk file of Root ZenFone is given below.

ROOT ZenFone APK Free Download


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