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Screenshot is the best screenshots app I have used up till now. It enabled me to capture screenshots. It can be used on android devices having android OS of version 1.2 or above. It can work on those mobile sets as well which have low memory capacity as this app occupies only 6.05 MB. It also facilitates user to store the captured images at desired locations.

Screenshot Features

Taking a screenshot through this Screenshot app is not difficult as one simply has to press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for 2 seconds only. In any case if it does not work, press and hold Home and Power buttons for 2 seconds. Since it is used only for taking internal screenshots, it cannot take pictures from any outer space.

Talking about its option menu, at the top of the screen there is an option button. The first option “Shots Saving Directory” allows us to store the captured screenshots in any folder on SD Card or internal memory of mobile phone. This option has enabled me to store my screenshots at any location. Sometimes mobile memory is filled up so I have to store it on my SD card or I have to store images in separate folders so I can search easily. So I love this facility.

One can easily turn off the notification icon if they do not want to see it. It also provides an option to change the background of application. Three different colors i.e. black, light gray and wood are available. Now I can easily select any colour of my choice and make it the background of my app. Everyone has different choice so it enables all its users to use it according to their own choice, which makes it a user friendly app.

It also provides options to rate the app on google play store and provide the feedback, so one can easily report bugs or can ask for any changes that they would like in the app to the developers. One can easily view the details of this app and the developer by selecting About option.

These all are the options that make it a user friendly mobile application and anyone can easily use it by simply clicking on or selecting the options that they would like. I really like this application as it facilitates me to work on my mobile. Being an engineering student I have to search for various online books or search internet for any particular topic about my studies. Now this app has provided me the facility to take screenshots by a single click on my handset.

Now I can easily save the screenshot of any page on internet and can read it anytime later. Since I do not have internet facility available all the time, I can view the screenshots of any e-book later on. The quality of screenshots is also good and I have no problem understanding it.

i would like to suggest all of our readers to download and install this interesting app on your android devices. Below are the Download links for Screenshot APK.

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Screenshot APK

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