SuperSU APK Latest Version Download For Android

SuperSu is the app that can be used only on a rooted device. To completely root a device, this app must be present in your android handset. It can be downloaded in a short time on all the android devices having Operating System of version 2.1 and above. Its current version available for downloading is 2.49. It occupies around 5 MB of device memory. It is free to download but in-app purchases are available for its users who want to buy some new and interesting items.

SuperSU Features

With the help of SuperSu, you can manage Superuser access. You can temporarily or permanently unroot your device if you are facing any problem. If there is any problem in your android device, it can detect any problem deeply so it will be no more unknown to you. Its main features are Superuser access prompt, Superuser access logging and Superuser access notifications.

A misconception must be eliminated. SuperSu can either replace Superuser or you can use Superuser instead of this app. Both these apps cannot be combined and neither one can break the other app. Also if you want to uninstall it, do not forget that doing this will unroot your device as well. So these points must be kept in mind before using the app.

After you have installed the app you have to update SU binary to run it. It works in recovery. Therefore you can install SU binary normally or in HTC devices, custom recovery such as TWRP and CWM are recommended. It there is any problem with installing, reboot your device and then retry installing it.

After downloading and installing SuperSu on your rooted device, it can perform various functions. It can be used as a hotspot controller. You can limit its access as per your choice. In the apps section main options available are ADB shell, abdb Insecure, Hotspot Control and Mobile ODIN. Moreover, you can easily customize it by selecting the settings option.

You can enable or disable Superuser through the settings of SuperSu. You can view its details and can upgrade it to its Pro version which has more advanced options available. You can adjust re-authentication settings as per your convenience. You can adjust access and turn on or off the notifications. You can change logging accesses and can clear logs as well. The security settings are also available. You can customize its theme, reinstall it or perform full or temporary unroot.

SuperSU is a great app. You can root or unroot your device easily with if it is present on your android device. It is developed by Chainfire and is a popular app. After rooting you can use your device for multiple options which are explained above. I suggest you to download it and give it a try. Its downloadable links are given below.

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