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Terraria are 2D adventure game which is developed by 505 Games Srl. The game is wonderful and totally addicted. The game is almost identical to Mincraft’s 2D or you can say it is a little brother. The game also launched in PC version, Xbox and on IOS. Now it is available for Android users. It is one of the best selling games. To know about the features of this incredible game please read below.

Terraria Android Features

In the game you will dig and fight, then explore more and build. The world in the game is unique from the deepest level of the underworld to the floating islands. You can play the game multiplayer. Terraria supports up to 4 players over Wi-fi. You can play with your friends on any mobile devices. You can do the adventure together or combat with each other in player-vs-player mode.

Terraria has more than 200 crafting recipes means you will have weapons. Potions, armor and many more. The fun in the game is you can build anything you imagine and the game allows you to fulfill your imagination with more than 25 block types. The game has more than 75 monsters and 5 bosses. The game offers more than 12 environments in which you can explore.

The graphics of the Terraria are amazing. It gives players a great gaming experience. During game play you will see the icons of the axe, sword, pickaxe and other features on the top left corner. To dig into the game you need pickaxe and you will do this for digging anywhere you want and axes will be used in the game when you have to cut down the trees and walls. After cutting the trees you will use the wood to build torches, furniture, ladders and hoses.

If you ever play survival games you would know the horrors which come in the night. You need both fire and shelter in order to survive from skeletons, zombies, etc. which comes out at night and to prevent from this terror you will use a sword. After spending some time in the game you will become addicted to it.

And soon you will start upgrading the gears and weapons. You will find more new things to make by using crafting station. You will also explore under the ground and above the vast world. You will fight against big enemies or small enemies. In the game you can show your creativeness by creating amazing and beautiful buildings and houses. If you don’t know what you can actually achieve in the game, just go to the Terraria forums and see some of the outstanding creations of people.

i don’t want to go into more details of the game play because it will destroy all the impact of the game. You will know when you explore all this by yourself and even more. The game is fun to play so you should download the Terraria and must play this game. The current rating of the game is 4.4 on Google Play Store.

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