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Total Commander is the android version of well-known desktop app with the same name. It is a popular file manager app that facilitates you to manage your files by placing them into folders and directories. The minimum version of android operating system required to run this app is 1.5 and above. Its current version available to download on Google play store is 2.61b2. The app is not too heavy and occupies almost 1.4 MB of mobile memory.

Total Commander Features

There are various features that are offered by Total Commander. You can easily zip or unzip file folders to compress or expand them. Whole sub-directories can be dragged and dropped from one location to another. Folders can be deleted easily. You can view the properties of selected folders. Moreover, you can easily create shortcut links of selected file folders by long press on the desired icon. You can also create new text files in any of the folder.

The pictures captured or received from other devices are divided into separate folders. You can send any selected image to root directory or to any other sub directory. Images can be renamed as well so you can easily recognize them by simply viewing their name. You can copy pictures to clipboard to use them. You can also sort the active panels of image or other folders by their name, extension, size, by ascending or descending order or by date and time. Moreover, you can also sort the folders as per your requirement.

With the help of Total Commander, the files stored in SD card can be managed easily. If there is not enough space available on your handset, you can easily transfer files from your android device to the SD card to release some space for fast processing of data. You can bookmark any of your file folders to highlight them for later use. You can also view the history of directories by selecting history option which is present at the top of your app screen.

In Total Commander, you can easily manage your downloaded and installed apps through the built-in plugin. The cache memory can also be cleared which increases the speed of your android device. There are multiple plugins available which you can add by visiting the online website. Some of the downloadable plugins are FTP and SFTP client, WebDAV, cloud and LAN access plugins. These plugins are mainly used for media player and cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft Live and Dropbox.

This is a recommended app for android devices due to its vast range of functions. It is a user friendly app and can be downloaded in multiple languages which make it better than many other apps. It is available in 30 languages like English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Swedish and other most common languages of the world. Moreover, if your device is rooted, Total Commander can write to the system folders as well.

I suggest you to download Total Commander and use it due to the facilities it provides. It helps you manage your documents and files in a better way. you can download below.

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