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Towelroot is an android app that is used for the rooting of your android handset. Rooting is viewed as very fascinating by many users while as very harmful by others. As every beneficial thing has some disadvantages as well, so has this app. But careful use of rooting decreases the risks involved. It is a very useful app for android devices and opens a wide range of possibilities for its users. By rooting the device you can explore the maximum potentials possessed by your handset.

Towelroot is developed by Geohot. It is built around Linux kernel and. Its version available for downloading is 3.0 and it occupies around 110 KB of device memory. You can now access the sub system of your android handset as well as customize your device as per your wish. It is capable of accessing the whole android operating system and can make any changes.

How To Download And Use Towelroot

Towelroot is an efficient app for rooting of android device and is usable in a wide range of smartphones and other android devices. To download this app below are the download link,  After downloading the Towelroot APK, install it on your device. After the app is installed, then launch it. On launch the app shows only a single option which states “make it rain”. When you simply click on this option your device will start rooting.


If Towelroot is supported by android device, it will be rooted shortly. If your device does not support in Towelroot then you will see (This phone is not currently supported). To complete the rooting process, you have to reboot your device. After rebooting you will have a rooted android handset.

To complete the rooting process by Towelroot, you must have the app SuperSU downloaded in your android OS device. The link of SuperSU apk file is given below.

Towelroot comes with various benefits. It is a user friendly app since it is not difficult to use. The availability of minimum options makes it easier to use by every user even if they are not much hands on with mobile phones. It is applicable on a vast range of android devices. It is not a heavy application and can be downloaded easily on even those devices as well which have low memory capacity.

The continuous updates offered by its developers also make it more useful. Whenever a problem is detected, its improvement comes in the next update. In the previous versions there was a problem in rooting of some devices such as Nexus and Samsung Galaxy. But after the latest update it can work smoothly on these devices as well. It can work well with the latest devices such as AT&T Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 Active, and AT&T and Verizon variants of the Note 3.

If you are an android user and want to root your device, I recommend you to give this app a try. It is very efficient with the rooting process and can work well with most of the android devices. It is a light weight app and does not cause load on mobile memory. Due to all these features, it is an app worth giving a chance.

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