WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version Download For Android

The Whatsapp is most widely used and favorite communication app for everyone. The Whatsapp is addicted and usually everyone checks their whatsapp every few hours. Everyone likes the features of Whatsapp and specially the smileys. The Whatsapp is undoubtedly great app that’s the reason it sold at 19 billion dollars. Millions of users are using Whatsapp for their communication.

Well, we have one surprise for you. You can enjoy more features on Whatsapp but its called Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus has many exciting new features. Whatsapp Plus is after market app (Unofficial) which you can download and install on your Android devices and experience better communication through Whatsapp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Features

  • The official Whatsapp icon is green color which usually everyone knows and like, but the Whatsapp Plus icon is in blue color which is different and gives a new look to Whatsapp.
  • Do you ever have an option in Whatsapp to change the colors? No. But in Whatsapp Plus, you can change the color of almost anything in it, which makes it cool app. You can change the color of your background; change the color of Header etc. If you use Whatsapp Plus, you will be able to add more colors and enjoy it.
  • The coolest feature in Whatsapp Plus is you can send your videos to your friends with a video size of up to 50 MB which is a lot bigger than the official Whatsapp app which only allows up to 16 MB of video file. So Whatsapp Plus can be helpful for you if you make big videos through your Android device and want to share it with your friends and family.
  • Sometimes you don’t want to show your status to everyone on Whatsapp but there are no options to hide your status or show it to people you only want. In Whatsapp Plus, Now you will have options for Free to hide your status or only show it to people which you want and you can see the status of friends very easily.
  • In Official Whatsapp you are not able to send HQimages, but in Whatsapp Plus, it allows you to send HQ images and not make a single change in the resolution of the images.
  • Do you ever want to customize your Whatsapp? There is no theme which you can use on official Whatsapp but in Whatsapp Plus, you can customize and apply themes. You can change the whole look of your whatsapp with Whatsapp Plus.
  • In an official Whatsapp the font color is black. In Whatsapp Plus, you can change the color of your fonts and it also allows you to change the color of group messages and unread messages. This feature is quite useful.
  • In Whatsapp Plus, you can share your location with your friends and family. It would be great when you are somewhere and by sharing your location, your friends and family will know at which place you are. This is exciting feature to use in Whatsapp Plus.
  • The Plus feature is now free and available without giving a donation. You can download themes and change appearances in it.

Whatsapp Plus has an incredible and better interface than official Whatsapp. This makes it unique. Everyone likes Whatsapp but you will love Whatsapp Plus after you download and install this app. We highly recommend you to must install and use Whatsapp Plus to get enhanced features from your favorite communication app.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus

  • The Whatsapp Plus will not be installed in the device if you already have an official version installed you first have to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp.
  • First, make sure you that make the backup of your messages and other important data if you want you can do this by going (Menu > Settings > Chat > Save conversations)
  • Now Click on WhatsApp Plus APK button and download it. After Finish the downloading, go to file manager and install the Whatsapp Plus in your Android device and enjoy more new features.

These are the procedure to help you in downloading and installing Whatsapp+ Plus on your Android device. Below, you will find the download links which will give you the APK file for free.

WhatsApp Plus APK Free Download

WhatsApp Plus

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