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Zedge App for Android are one of the famous apps available in personalization category on Google Play Store. The app is very useful and great app to download Free ringtones and wallpapers, etc. The app is developed by Zedge. To make it more convenient for mobile users they developed this app. To know more about the features of Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers, please read below.

Zedge App Features

The app is pretty easy to use. The User Interface of the app is incredibly and user friendly. When you will open the app, it will show you the featured wallpapers and you can slide to the right side to see recent wallpapers and popular wallpapers. In order to see the categories of the wallpapers you only have to slide it to the left side. The wallpaper category consists of Abstract, Anime, Auto & Vehicles, Bollywood, Comedy, Designs/Cartoons, Entertainment and a few other categories.

You only have to tap on any of these categories, whichever you want to select, after tapping on the selected category you will see the trending wallpapers. You can change the trending to newest or downloads and it will show you the results accordingly.

On the top right corner you will see the bar sign and when you will tap on it, it will show you the list from where you can select the Wallpapers, Live wallpapers, Ringtones, Notifications, Games. You can tap on any of the category and it will show you the results. In the category list you will also see downloads, my favorites, settings, help and information.

If you tap on downloads it will show you all downloads which you downloaded from the Zedge App. On the top left corner of the app you will see the search bar which is quite useful if you have to search for any specific thing. For example, if you type in Cristiano Ronaldo you will get the result and it will show you all the wallpapers, ringtones etc. accordingly.

The downloading from Zedge App is really easy. When you tap on the wallpaper, you will see the download button on the left bottom corner. Tap on the download and it will automatically download the wallpaper and save it in your phone gallery from where you can use it as wallpaper for your device. The useful feature in the app is it shows the preview of wallpapers and information

The Zedge App also offers many games. To download the games from Zedge you only have to press on the Google Play Store icon on the left bottom corner and it will take automatically transfers you to Google Play Store and from there you can download the games. In the Zedge App you also have the option to add the wallpapers, games etc into your favorite list.

The qualities of available wallpapers on Zedge are great and mostly are in HD. The settings of the Zedge App contain family filter which is useful for family friendly browsing. You can clear the search history of the app as well. The Zedge App also offers auto wallpaper changer, you can select the time limit and it will automatically change the wallpaper of your device. It will automatically select the wallpapers which you will have downloaded in your device.

Overall, it’s a great app which everyone should use for downloading HD wallpapers and high quality ringtones. The Zedge App also offers widgets to change the wallpapers and for quick launch of games. To download this Cool App, please use the links which are given below. You can download APK file of Zedge App for Android here or you can install directly from Google Play Store.

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